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Pompano Beach luxury real estate offers the best of both worlds for its residents and visitors. It is a quiet and intimate beach town, conveniently located between West Palm Beach and Miami. Pompano Beach provides its residents with a way to escape the metropolitan lifestyle while still remaining close to the amenities of nearby cities. With multiple luxurious real estate properties to choose from, Pompano Beach is an attractive option for people who want a balance of relaxation and excitement.

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Pompano Beach Homes for Sale NP Sotheby's Realty


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Settlers were known to have been in the area since the mid 1880s but the first documented residents didn’t inhabit the area now known as Pompano Beach until 1896. Henry Flagler’s railroad employees George Butler and Frank Sheene and their families were the first documented citizens of Pompano Beach. It is speculated that Sheene was responsible for naming the city after jotting down the name of the fish, “pompano,” that he ate for dinner on his survey of the area. Pompano Beach is over 100 years old, making it the second oldest city in Broward County and the fifth oldest city in South Florida.

Numerous Waterfront Communities Offer Escape and Activity

Pompano Beach’s population is over 102,000 but that number exceeds 150,000 during winter months when part-time residents return to take advantage of the warmer weather and beachside lifestyle. There are numerous luxurious condominiums and other exclusive real estate listings available in Pompano to accommodate the city’s growth in population during cooler months. However, Pompano Beach’s beachfront and mild temperatures make it an appealing city to live in year round. Strips of pristine beaches provide the opportunity to discover dream homes with affluent and diverse waterfront real estate listings. Since its establishment, Pompano Beach and its luxury real estate have been an inviting destination for anyone interested in exploiting all of the benefits of a seaside community. Boating, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and exploring more than 3 miles of beautiful beaches are all popular past-times favored by the area’s residents and visitors.

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